Tim Brown is a self-taught black American outsider folk artist from Mississippi. Born on August 4, 1923, he has been painting on and off throughout his life. As a child, he painted for fun. In the late 1950s, he started painting memories of his childhood from the 1920s to early '40s. He chose to do this because he had no pictures of his youth and wanted to share his memories. He paints his family members and friends.

Most of his pieces are signed with the initials TB. On occasion he signs his full name. We have more biographic information about Tim located HERE.

Tim's work has been compared to other black artists such as Sam Doyle, Bill Traylor and Clementine Hunter. He started by using any kind of old scraps he could find, including pieces of old ironing boards, wooden siding, old wooden bowls, and boxes. His more recent paintings are on scraps of plywood. He uses a few colors of paint which he mixes to get the different shades.

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I began working with Tim in 1997. My promise to him was to give him as much exposure as possible. He is becoming very popular here in America and his paintings are being collected throughout the world. We have shown Tim's work at several shows and galleries in Asia, Europe and here in he United States. You can CLICK HERE to see the places where Tim's work has been seen.

Tim Brown's paintings have increased in value over the years and I have no doubt that value will continue grow. Many collectors refuse to part with his pieces. They are not being produced in mass quantity and I do not have an unlimited supply. Tim is still painting, but his productivity has slowed in recent years. His family members are not involved in helping him with his art. His paintings are limited once-in-a-lifetime time opportunities.

To my surprise I have been selling quite a substantial number of his paintings to collectors in other parts of the world, most notably Europe. Internationally, his work is not being shown as folk art. A European gallery told me they regarded Tim as a modernist artist working in a style reminiscent of Art Brut. Regardless of the classification, people are buying his art because he is Tim Brown and his paintings are unique. I don't know what will be next for Tim's art but the future for him looks very promising.

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